“Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.”
— Jonathan Swift


I like to provoke people’s inner feelings and thoughts by caressing the human reality or poetic fantasy without the need for words or rules, through an exploration of different media, involving technology, design and dance.
The connecting energy created between the viewer and the work, either individually or collectively, as well as the emotions evoked among the two, amazes me. I often find myself observing people’s reactions to what they see, hear or perceive, in any life situation.

As a movement artist, I am curious, I am hungry, I feed not only the body, but also the mind. Being a smart dancer means observing, constantly learning, giving back, preserving the values of whatever you do, exploring, sharing, connecting, communicating and, mainly, having fun with it.

As an audiovisual artist, I am moved and move others by colors, creating scenarios according to the moods that are being expressed, playing with music and images in sync and creating moments as if they could be your own memories or dreams.

The living thoughts and journey of feelings are reflected in this combination of art forms, in all its raw beauty and ugliness.


Alice is a NY based Movement and Audiovisual Artist. She's worked at AMC Networks and Olympic Channel as a video editor, and with LG as an advertisement filming director. She's currently pursuing her dancing career, along with some other personal projects.


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